The legendary duo returns with a monkey in a beat up rig to save the universe.

This band knows how to entertain a crowd”-

From the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and the Carolinas to California, The Milwaukee Talkees have brought their captivating, high octane, sound and performances.  With such hits as Check Cashin’ Blues, All Up On it, and The Disco Heavy, the blues infused funk-soul grooves of The Milwaukee Talkees blaze red hot across the airwaves.  Following the 2017 debut release Sweet Blues Machine, The Talkees returned with their 2019 masterpiece A Detailed Analysis of the Pocket an album dedicated to life on the road and the Mississippi delta.  The Milwaukee Talkees exploded onto the music scene redefining the sonic soundscapes of a generation. “The Milwaukee Talkees are a group that exist between two worlds. On the one hand they bring a classic 70s funk and powerhouse rock sound, and on the other they draw upon the roots of blues and R&B.” Having shared the stage with such legendary acts as The Soledad Brothers, Wesley Willis, and The Mistreaters, The Milwaukee Talkees bring a sound like no other band in town. “Pound for pound the baddest mothers around”.   So come on, climb inside this blues machine, and get into the groove.